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Product Designers by Nexgits

Do you plan to hire dedicated developers team to build cutting-edge and highly effective products, Nexgits can help. As one of the top web and mobile app development company in India, we are a global provider of full-lifecycle outsourced product development services. You can Hire dedicated resources from us on an hourly, monthly, or annual basis.

To offer the best solution to you in the shortest amount of time, our offshore development company mixes complicated engineering, deep domain expertise, and rapid delivery. For the concept of your ideal project, the product designers and professionals in our IT offshore development team have expertise in product design, prototype development, design analysis, manufacturing support, and technical documentation. We can be a significant partner in your product development plan thanks to the innovation-led approach of our offshore development company.

Product Designer Services

Our Product Designing Services For You

Product Design

Utilizing the most recent offshore development center technology and tools, create unique, user-friendly products that satisfy your needs

Prototype Development

Reduce the time to market by employing fast prototyping approaches with an agile offshore development model to create functional prototypes for testing and validation

Engineering Analysis

Test product functionality and identify any problems early in the IT offshore development phase to ensure a high-quality final product

Manufacturing Support

Ensure the product is produced in accordance with our high standards and offshore development best practices and delivered on schedule by working with our agile offshore development team and manufacturing partners

Cloud Enablement

Automate your traditional offshore development services by converting your raw ideas to cloud-based multi-tenanted final products in accordance with your strategic offshore development business plan, resources, and technology

Product Re-Engineering

Modify your team plan for offshore development and current product, correct flaws and errors, add new features, and decrease downtimes

UI/UX Design Team Extensions

Deliver seamless and captivating user experiences by putting equal emphasis on the design's art and tech following the offshore development business plan

Technical Documentation

Get complete paperwork, including offshore development business plan, operating instructions, schematics, and diagrams, to assist you in launching your products

After-Sales Support

Get ongoing IT offshore development product support and maintenance, ensuring that the products continue to perform at their best


How Can You Hire A
Product Designer With Nexgits?

Explain Your Product Concept
Submit your offshore development business plan demands or fill out the form. We will evaluate your demands and provide a general time, resource, tech stack, and estimation that can meet your objectives.
Examine Our Applicants
After vetting our prospects to ensure they meet your needs, choose the ideal offshore development resources meeting your needs and work with your team.
Sign A Contract And Start Building Your Product
We will sign a non-disclosure offshore development agreement and a number of other papers before adding the resource to your team and beginning IT offshore development.
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    More Than 15 Countries Trust Us Globally

    Media Production Company
    Media Production Company
    "Nexgits Private Limited developed an app that met the client’s expectations. The team was supportive and communicative and delivered the app on time. They communicated via Skype and used Basecamp to manage project tasks."
    Vrajesh Vyas
    Vrajesh Vyas
    Ashapura Softech Inc - C.T.O
    "Lav and the team were very responsive throughout our project ensuring that we were moving in the right direction in a timely manner. I have no complaints about their work and look forward to working with them again should the need arise."
    San Dugga
    San Dugga
    Kreedo - Head of Education Technology
    "You did a good work on our project. Thank you so much for your efforts. You have provided us timely information through out the project. We are happy to work with you and we recommend you for Unity developer."
    Cfir Zioni
    Cfir Zioni
    Technical Head
    "Very professional and thorough development, very proficient with Android libraries and Unity plugnins and a very nice guy to work with!"
    Ismail Ouaydah
    Ismail Ouaydah
    Independent Consultant
    "Nexgits team was very professional in taking our requirements and delivered up to our expectation. | recommend him for any game development requirements."
    Niranjan Ingale
    Niranjan Ingale
    "The team is very efficient and expert in ThreeJS. I would recommend them to everyone. Lav was very efficient and was available to fix the issue very quickly. "
    Velika Gorica
    Velika Gorica
    "Working with Nexgits was such a nice experience. they finished all of the agreed work ahed of time. Not only would i recommend her as great company, but also as a nice and enjoyable person to work with."
    Oded Menahem
    Oded Menahem
    Founder ( Ballistic-VR ltd. )
    "I was very pleased with the professional level and the great communication. Nexgits was able to point in advance for critical issue that we need to address in the project. in the end, we launch our game on android and it was a great success."
    Roee Kit
    Roee Kit
    C.E.O - Dream & Magic Ltd
    "During 2017-2018, Dreams & Magic Ltd. Hired unity developer for verity of projects. we found very professional unity developer that made the pipeline to be very smooth. We were very pleased with the outcoming results. we really recommend working with Nexgits Pvt. Ltd"
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    Frequent Questions

    What is the typical workflow and timeline for a Product Design project, and what should I expect in terms of deliverables?

    The workflow and timeline for a Product Design project can vary depending on the scope and complexity of the project. Generally, the process includes several stages and the timeline for each stage can vary, but a typical product design project can take several weeks to several months to complete. In terms of deliverables, you can expect to receive design concepts, wireframes, user flows, and prototypes at various stages of the project.

    How can I evaluate a Product Designer's portfolio and determine if they are a good fit for my project?

    To evaluate a product designer's portfolio, start by looking for projects that are similar to your own. Look for examples that showcase their problem-solving skills, creativity, attention to detail, and ability to meet project goals. Additionally, pay attention to the design process they used and ask about their involvement in the project. Finally, consider whether their design aesthetic aligns with your brand and project goals.

    What are the different engagement models for hiring a product designer?

    The different engagement models for hiring a product designer include full-time employment, contract work, freelance, and project-based work. Each model has its own benefits and the right choice will depend on your project's scope, timeline, and budget. Full-time employment offers the most control and consistency, while contract or freelance provides flexibility and cost-effectiveness. Design agencies offer a team of designers with various skill sets and expertise.

    Why should businesses consider hiring a product designer?

    Hiring a product designer can bring numerous benefits to a business. A product designer can help you create products that are user-friendly, visually appealing, and aligned with your business goals. They can also help you identify user needs and pain points, and design solutions that meet those needs. Additionally, a product designer can ensure consistency across your product line, which can lead to better brand recognition and customer loyalty.

    What are the best practices for managing a remote product designer?

    To manage a remote product designer effectively, you should establish clear communication channels and expectations, set specific goals and deadlines, and use project management tools to stay organized. Schedule regular check-ins to review progress and provide feedback. Finally, foster a positive and collaborative working relationship by acknowledging their contributions and successes.

    How can I effectively communicate with a remote Product Designer, and what tools and techniques can I use to do so?

    To effectively communicate with a remote product designer, establish clear channels of communication, such as video conferencing, email, and project management tools. Use written communication for clear and concise instructions, and use video conferencing for more complex discussions. Additionally, provide timely feedback and be available to answer questions. Collaborative tools like Figma or Invision can be used to review design work, provide feedback and share files.

    What processes and methodologies do Product Designers typically use when testing their designs, and how can I ensure that the end product meets my requirements?

    Product designers typically use a range of processes and methodologies to test their designs, including user testing, A/B testing, and analytics. User testing involves getting feedback directly from users, while A/B testing compares different design options to see which performs better. To ensure that the end product meets your requirements, involve your designer in every stage of the design process, provide clear requirements and feedback, and maintain open communication.

    What is the value of a Product Designer to my business, and how can they contribute to the success of my products?

    Product designers bring a range of skills and expertise to the table, including user research, design strategy, prototyping, and user testing. By understanding user needs and creating effective design solutions, product designers can help improve user satisfaction, drive sales, and increase brand loyalty. Ultimately, hiring a product designer can help ensure the success and profitability of your products.

    How do Product Designers balance creativity and innovation with practical considerations such as feasibility, scalability, and technical constraints?

    Product designers balance creativity and innovation with practical considerations by prioritizing user needs, business goals, and technical constraints. They use a human-centered design approach to create designs that are both functional and innovative. They also collaborate with stakeholders, including developers and engineers, to ensure that designs are feasible, scalable, and technically sound.

    How Do Product Designers Approach Design iteration, feedback, and refinement, and how do they ensure that designs are continually improving based on user insights and feedback?

    Product designers approach design iteration by creating multiple design options, testing them with users and stakeholders, and refining them based on feedback. They use a range of design tools and techniques to gather and analyze user insights and feedback, such as usability testing, surveys, and analytics. By continuously testing and refining design solutions based on user insights, product designers ensure that the end product meets user needs and expectations.