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AI / ML Developers by Nexgits

Do you plan to optimize your business processes through AI-powered solutions? At Nexgits, we are dedicated to using artificial intelligence and machine learning to solve complicated challenges and spur innovation. To create cutting-edge AI solutions, the team of specialists at our AI/ML development company blends technical proficiency and business knowledge.

Our AI / ML development team at Nexgits has the skills and knowledge to make it happen whether you want to improve customer experiences, streamline operational workflows, or glean new insights from your data. We stand out from the competition thanks to our dedication to providing high-quality, dependable AI solutions. We are committed to assisting our clients in realizing the full benefits of AI and advancing their businesses.

AI-ML Development Solutions

Technical Expertise and Resources
We Offer

  • TensorFlow

  • PyTorch

  • Scikit-Learn

  • Microsoft Cognitive

  • OpenCV

  • IBM Watson


  • Python

  • R Programming

  • Jupyter Notebooks

  • Keras

  • Apache Spark

  • Microsoft Azure ML


Our AI/ML Development Services For You

Machine Learning

Collect unstructured raw data and turn it into meaningful insights to provide unparalleled results through tried-and-true machine learning principles of AI / ML development

Business Intelligence

Deploy scalable growth-oriented tactics to enhance business operations, carry out forecast analysis, customer analysis, and performance analysis

Natural Language Processing

Apply our Natural Language Processing capabilities through cutting-edge AI / ML development tools to extract, process, analyze, and comprehend structured data

Deep Learning

Improve forecasting, decision-making, and other key processes by implementing Deep Learning best practices of AI / ML development to provide reliable and scalable solutions

Computer Vision

Using our high-end solutions and debugging assistance, create effective solutions for object detection and image categorization

AI/ML Mobile App Development

Integrate AI and ML into your current mobile applications to improve their functionality, effectiveness, personalization, and intelligence

Voice Assistant

Create voice assistants with ad hoc support to help you streamline and finalize a system using voice recognition and Natural Language Processing

Chatbot Development

Employ our AI / ML development services to create specialized task-oriented and predictive chatbots and deploy them using the right framework for your requirements.


How Can You Hire A AI-ML Developers With Nexgits?

Describe Your Project
Send in your requests. We'll assess your needs and give you a broad time estimate, AI / ML development resource allocation, and tech stack that can help you achieve your goals.
Evaluate Our Candidates
Find a developer who has good expertise in AI / ML development services, a history of completing projects successfully, experience in your sector, and a grasp of your unique business requirements.
Sign the Agreement and Start Working on Your Project
Before integrating the developer into your team and starting working, we will sign a non-disclosure agreement and a number of other documents.
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    Media Production Company
    Media Production Company
    "Nexgits Private Limited developed an app that met the client’s expectations. The team was supportive and communicative and delivered the app on time. They communicated via Skype and used Basecamp to manage project tasks."
    Vrajesh Vyas
    Vrajesh Vyas
    Ashapura Softech Inc - C.T.O
    "Lav and the team were very responsive throughout our project ensuring that we were moving in the right direction in a timely manner. I have no complaints about their work and look forward to working with them again should the need arise."
    San Dugga
    San Dugga
    Kreedo - Head of Education Technology
    "You did a good work on our project. Thank you so much for your efforts. You have provided us timely information through out the project. We are happy to work with you and we recommend you for Unity developer."
    Cfir Zioni
    Cfir Zioni
    Technical Head
    "Very professional and thorough development, very proficient with Android libraries and Unity plugnins and a very nice guy to work with!"
    Ismail Ouaydah
    Ismail Ouaydah
    Independent Consultant
    "Nexgits team was very professional in taking our requirements and delivered up to our expectation. | recommend him for any game development requirements."
    Niranjan Ingale
    Niranjan Ingale
    "The team is very efficient and expert in ThreeJS. I would recommend them to everyone. Lav was very efficient and was available to fix the issue very quickly. "
    Velika Gorica
    Velika Gorica
    "Working with Nexgits was such a nice experience. they finished all of the agreed work ahed of time. Not only would i recommend her as great company, but also as a nice and enjoyable person to work with."
    Oded Menahem
    Oded Menahem
    Founder ( Ballistic-VR ltd. )
    "I was very pleased with the professional level and the great communication. Nexgits was able to point in advance for critical issue that we need to address in the project. in the end, we launch our game on android and it was a great success."
    Roee Kit
    Roee Kit
    C.E.O - Dream & Magic Ltd
    "During 2017-2018, Dreams & Magic Ltd. Hired unity developer for verity of projects. we found very professional unity developer that made the pipeline to be very smooth. We were very pleased with the outcoming results. we really recommend working with Nexgits Pvt. Ltd"
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    Frequent Questions

    How AI and ML can be used in software development?

    An AI / ML development team can help you automate complex software development tasks, enabling faster and more accurate analysis of code, reducing time and cost, and improving code quality and security. AI can be used to assist in design, code refactoring, code optimization, debugging, bug prediction, automation, test automation, etc. ML can be used to detect anomalies in code, and can also be used to predict certain aspects of code behavior.

    What specific data type is required to implement AI and ML?

    AI and ML can work on structured and unstructured data, depending on the problem being solved. Generally speaking, AI and ML require access to large datasets of numerical, text-based, and audio-visual data. The data must be clean, valid, and accurate to get the best results.

    What project management tools do you use to communicate with the hired AI and ML developers?

    For AI /ML development, we use various project management tools like Trello, Asana, Jira, and Slack to ensure smooth and efficient communication with the developers we hire. We find these tools extremely helpful as they allow our team to monitor projects, provide feedback and prioritize tasks efficiently.

    What are the cost factors for AI and ML-based solutions?

    The cost of AI and ML-based solutions varies based on the scope and complexity of the project. Factors like the algorithm's complexity, data acquisition costs, implementation and maintenance costs, and potential additional resources needed influence the cost of an AI / ML development company.

    How do you choose the right tech architecture?

    When selecting a tech architecture for AI and ML projects, you must consider certain parameters such as performance needs, scalability, resource requirements, data availability, timeline, and cost constraints. Depending on the scope of work, different technology choices should be evaluated for the optimal performance of the project.

    What can AI and ML do for my business?

    By leveraging AI / ML development, businesses can automate mundane tasks, generate new insights and analytics, optimize decision-making, improve customer experiences, personalize interactions, detect fraud, and enable more intelligent operations. Partnering with an AI / ML development company, businesses can tap into vast data and use machine learning models to accurately predict customer behaviors, detect potential issues, and build data-driven products and services.

    Apart from prediction and classification, in what other projects I can use AI and ML?

    AI and ML can be used for various other projects, including sentiment analysis, anomaly detection, recommendation systems, natural language processing, object detection, self-driving cars, machine translation, drug development, and many more. The applications for AI and ML are almost limitless and offer many potentials for businesses and researchers.

    How can I integrate my application with AI and ML?

    Depending on the language and framework your application is built in, integration with AI / ML development services like Amazon Sagemaker, Google Cloud AI Platform, Azure Machine Learning, and more can be done via APIs. Additionally, one can use open-source ML libraries like Tensorflow, Scikit-Learn, and others to build custom ML models that can be deployed into applications.

    Will there be any documentation of the complete ownership of the developed AI & ML solution?

    Yes, our AI / ML development team includes complete documentation of the solution and its ownership. This ensures the system's integrity and that all relevant stakeholders can identify and understand the ownership structure. Documentation may include records such as the scope of the project, proof of copyright ownership, an audit trail of development, a description of the deployed architecture, and details of any AI and ML techniques employed.

    What are the crucial things to consider while hiring AI developers?

    When hiring AI / ML development services, the most crucial things to look for are technical competencies, industry experience, knowledge of popular tools and algorithms, an analytical approach, and an aptitude to learn new things quickly. Additionally, you should ensure that the team is knowledgeable of software development and AI best practices to ensure that the project is delivered on time and on budget.