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// Augmented Reality


Focuses on training penalty kicks with one character who is taking the kick

Sport AR Game
Unity Game Engine
Target platforms:
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UI / UX Design

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What We Actually Do

Our team is collaborating closely with clients to deliver a high-quality penalty kick game within a challenging timeframe. Leveraging the Unity3D game engine and Kinect technology, we have created an immersive gaming experience that brings real-world soccer to life. The development process follows the Game Development Life Cycle (GDLC) methodology, ensuring a systematic and efficient approach.

Through alpha and beta testing, we have received positive feedback from our target users. The game’s design, theme, and interactivity with the main character have been well-received, resulting in high levels of user satisfaction. The combination of realistic gameplay and engaging mechanics has successfully captivated players, enabling them to truly experience the thrill of penalty kicks.

By incorporating Kinect technology, players can use their body movements to control the in-game actions, enhancing the sense of immersion and realism. The Unity3D game engine provides a robust framework for creating visually appealing graphics and a seamless user interface.

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