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In today’s dynamic landscape, artificial intelligence and machine learning drive significant change. Reports show that 54% of organizations have adopted AI in various domains, enabling trend detection, informed decision-making, and effective market strategies. At Nexgits, our AI ML development services bring process automation, stronger client relationships, advanced analytics, and future-ready operations, ensuring alignment with evolving markets and customer expectations. Through our expertise, uncover valuable insights and untapped revenue streams by harnessing your data’s potential. Step into the future of intelligent business with Nexgits AI & ML proficiency. 

 AI & ML drive change
 Nexgits enhances automation, analytics, and operations
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Elevating Experiences with Cutting-edge AI/ML Services

We offer outcome-oriented, human-centered, and advanced embeddable AI ML development Company with code generation to stay ahead of the competition, bring automation to processes, and transform business models.

NLP Excellence
NLP Excellence

Leverage NLP's power for intricate human language understanding. Our solutions offer sentiment analysis, language translation, and text generation, transforming communication dynamics with insights and accuracy.

Smart AI Chatbots
Smart AI Chatbots

Craft intelligent virtual assistants with our AI Chatbot Development service. Seamlessly engage customers, provide instant support, and automate interactions, enhancing user experiences and driving business efficiency.

Precision ML Models
Precision ML Models

Transform data into informed decisions. Our ML Model Development service creates predictive and analytical models, fueling data-driven insights. Empower your operations with optimized processes and elevated decision-making.

Computer Vision
Computer Vision

Experience the world via technology's perspective. Our Computer Vision Development empowers systems to interpret and analyze visual data, unlocking possibilities from object recognition to image understanding.

Generative AI
Generative AI

Nexgits pioneers Generative AI Development, harnessing cutting-edge techniques for creative content generation. Our expertise reshapes innovation, integration, refinement, applications, and tailored solutions, driving transformative shifts across industries.

ChatGPT Integration
ChatGPT Integration

Elevate user interactions with AI. Our ChatGPT Integration service seamlessly incorporates advanced language capabilities, enhancing engagement and providing intelligent responses. Enrich user experience with effortless, natural conversations.


AI/ML Development Journey

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Our Phenomenal Work in the Field of AI and ML

We have worked with some of the best innovative, revolutionary ideas that have a strong standing in the market and renowned brands across various industries worldwide.

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World-Class Brands

Media Production Company
Media Production Company
"Nexgits Private Limited developed an app that met the client’s expectations. The team was supportive and communicative and delivered the app on time. They communicated via Skype and used Basecamp to manage project tasks."
Vrajesh Vyas
Vrajesh Vyas
Ashapura Softech Inc - C.T.O
"Lav and the team were very responsive throughout our project ensuring that we were moving in the right direction in a timely manner. I have no complaints about their work and look forward to working with them again should the need arise."
San Dugga
San Dugga
Kreedo - Head of Education Technology
"You did a good work on our project. Thank you so much for your efforts. You have provided us timely information through out the project. We are happy to work with you and we recommend you for Unity developer."
Cfir Zioni
Cfir Zioni
Technical Head
"Very professional and thorough development, very proficient with Android libraries and Unity plugnins and a very nice guy to work with!"
Ismail Ouaydah
Ismail Ouaydah
Independent Consultant
"Nexgits team was very professional in taking our requirements and delivered up to our expectation. | recommend him for any game development requirements."
Niranjan Ingale
Niranjan Ingale
"The team is very efficient and expert in ThreeJS. I would recommend them to everyone. Lav was very efficient and was available to fix the issue very quickly. "
Velika Gorica
Velika Gorica
"Working with Nexgits was such a nice experience. they finished all of the agreed work ahed of time. Not only would i recommend her as great company, but also as a nice and enjoyable person to work with."
Oded Menahem
Oded Menahem
Founder ( Ballistic-VR ltd. )
"I was very pleased with the professional level and the great communication. Nexgits was able to point in advance for critical issue that we need to address in the project. in the end, we launch our game on android and it was a great success."
Roee Kit
Roee Kit
C.E.O - Dream & Magic Ltd
"During 2017-2018, Dreams & Magic Ltd. Hired unity developer for verity of projects. we found very professional unity developer that made the pipeline to be very smooth. We were very pleased with the outcoming results. we really recommend working with Nexgits Pvt. Ltd"
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    Frequent Questions

    What is AI / ML development?

    AI / ML development refers to the process of creating and implementing algorithms and models that can learn from data and make intelligent decisions. An AI / ML development team uses techniques such as machine learning, deep learning, natural language processing, and computer vision to develop intelligent systems that can automate tasks, analyze data, and make predictions.

    Who is AI / ML development for?

    AI / ML development is suitable for businesses of all sizes and industries that want to leverage the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning. AI / ML development services are particularly beneficial for businesses that want to improve their decision-making, optimize operations, and enhance customer experiences.

    How can I outsource AI / ML development services?

    To outsource AI / ML development services, you can hire dedicated developers from a reputable outsourcing company like Nexgits. Look for developers with expertise in AI / ML and who can work on your project full-time. This approach ensures you have access to a team of experienced professionals who can deliver quality work while minimizing costs.

    What can ML do for my business?

    ML can help your business automate and optimize its processes, improve decision-making, enhance customer experience, and increase revenue. An AI / ML development company can provide custom ML solutions tailored to a business's specific needs, helping them leverage AI's power to gain a competitive edge in their industry.

    How hard is it to develop an AI app?

    Developing an AI app can be challenging as it requires knowledge of machine learning algorithms, data preprocessing, and model training. It also requires expertise in programming languages like Python, libraries like TensorFlow, and various AI development tools. However, working with an experienced AI / ML development team can simplify the process.

    What are the use cases of machine learning?

    Machine learning has various use cases, including image recognition, speech recognition, natural language processing, predictive analytics, fraud detection, recommendation systems, autonomous vehicles, and medical diagnosis. 

    What are the technologies used in AI / ML development?

    AI / ML development relies on a range of technologies, including programming languages (Python, R, Java), machine learning frameworks (TensorFlow, PyTorch), cloud computing platforms (AWS, Azure), and data analytics tools (Pandas, NumPy). Embeddable AI / ML development with code generation is also becoming increasingly popular, allowing developers to integrate AI models into their applications quickly and easily.

    What are the tools used for AI / ML development?

    Some of the commonly used tools for AI / ML development are TensorFlow, PyTorch, Keras, Scikit-learn, Microsoft Azure Machine Learning, Google Cloud AI Platform, IBM Watson, and Amazon SageMaker. These tools provide a variety of functionalities, such as data preparation, model development, and deployment, to aid in the AI / ML development process.

    How long does it take to build an AI app?

    The time it takes to build an AI app depends on various factors such as complexity, functionality, and data availability. Generally, it can take anywhere from a few weeks to several months for a team of experienced AI developers to build and deploy an AI app.

    Why choose Nexgits for AI / ML development?

    Nexgits is an offshore development company in India with extensive experience in AI / ML development. They offer customized solutions, use the latest technologies, and have a team of highly skilled developers. Their expertise in AI / ML development and commitment to quality makes them a reliable partner for any AI / ML development project.